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Reiki means Universal Energy

It is a gentle, non-invasive treatment developed in Japan with Buddhist origins. It can be used to treat anyone under any circumstances.

Teresa is an experienced accredited Usui Reiki Master Teacher/Healer. She offers one-to-one Reiki Treatments and also teaches the following either in a group scenario or privately on a one to one basis.

Accredited Reiki Degree Level One:

a one day course 10am-6pm

This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of Reiki and includes a personal attunement enabling you to channel Reiki Healing for yourself and for the benefit of your friends and family, even your pets and plants.

You will receive a personal Reiki Degree Level One Manual, a Reiki Degree Level One Certificate and a personal attunement conducted by Teresa.


Accredited Usui Reiki Degree Level Two:

a two-day course 10am-5pm

For those who have enjoyed Reiki Degree Level One and want to learn more. This two day course includes further attunements and introduces the ancient mystical symbols that enhance a more powerful level of Reiki energy. This qualification enables you to use Reiki professionally.

This course includes a personal Reiki Degree Level Two Manual, a Reiki Degree Level Two Certificate (Practitioner), and personal attunement conducted personally by Teresa.


Accredited Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Degree:

A three-day course 10am-5pm

This three-day course is for those who wish to make Reiki a life-style. You will learn the Master Symbol and channel an even higher degree of Reiki energy. You will also learn how to teach reiki to others and how to carry out the attunement procedure.

This course includes a personal Reiki Master Degree Level Manual, a Reiki Master Degree Certificate (Teacher) and attunements conducted personally by Teresa.