Teresa Brown


Holistic Practitioner, Life Coach & Spiritual Counsellor. Hypnotherapist. Reiki Master Teacher. Author.

Teresa has an empathetic approach to her work which began some 37 years ago. She is recognised as a pioneer in highlighting the advantages of Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing through her workshops in Gloucestershire at a time when these therapies were little known and recognised.

Teresa has many decades of experience in Life Coaching, Past Life Regression Therapy and Spiritual Counselling and offers these sessions as a group afternoon workshop or as a one to one private treatment.
She is also an experienced Reiki Master Teacher/Healer. This non-invasive treatment replaces anxiety and tension with an inner peace and calm.
You can experience a private reiki session or you can learn to become a Reiki Practitioner yourself. Contact Teresa direct for more information.
Teresa also specialises in teaching relaxation techniques which enable clients to access their very deep subconscious.
In this state of relaxation clients can retrain their mind and completely alter old habits like overeating or smoking. Fears, phobias and anxiety can also be released and overcome.
Teresa gives each client a specific easy to use technique that ensures success.

Live the life you deserve and live

it to the full !
Relax and Progress techniques are specifically designed for your unique requirements.



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