People often approach Teresa for Past Life Regression simply because they are curious.
Perhaps they met a stranger and felt and instant feeling of recognition and friendship.
Maybe they have been somewhere new, and felt they had been there before.
Sometimes they seek answers to a vivid recurring dream.
We have all probably experienced feelings of deja vu.  Our true subconscious is home to our past; both our recent past and our very distant past.
As a fully qualified and registered hypnotherapist Teresa will take you on a wonderful guided meditation.  Whilst in a fully relaxed state you will be totally in control, and able to take the steps on a pathway of self-discovery.
You will be able to experience your past life imagery in your mind as it is being revealed.  Everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed. Whilst our physical body decomposes, our Spiritual Consciousness continues it’s journey.
Many clients look to find insights and release of unexplained irrational fears and phobias.  These are often explained in the light of a past life experience.
This simple relaxing dream-like technique can release blocked emotions, leading to an inner peace and joy.